Facebook Scam – 800 Pound Snake Pulled Out of a Lake in Chicago Illinois!

Another one of the many Facebook Video Scams currently doing the rounds is this one – “800 Pound Snake Pulled Out of a Lake in Chicago Illinois“! Wow. An 800 Pound snake? That’s pretty impressive right? Well, before you go ahead and click the link to view it, lets take a look at what is […]

Facebook Scam – Look what happens next when this girl walks naked down the street

Yet another in the long and continuing production line of Facebook data harvesting videos is this one – “Look what happens next when this girl walks naked down the street“. This video appears on your Facebook news feed with a very enticing image as shown. Looks like you are going to be seeing some naked […]

Facebook Scam – {Video Shock} Terrible Accident At Disneyland Paris! All On Camera

Here’s yet another of the many, many Facebook Video Scams doing the rounds. This time we are promised some incredible footage of a roller coaster crash at Disneyland Paris!! This is another video that plays on the strange human nature of enjoying watching morbid and shocking video footage. This video promises exactly that and knows […]

Facebook Scam – Crazy Man Tries To Hug A Lion – What Happens Next Is Shocking

Here’s yet another of the Malicious Facebook Video Scams. This time the supposed Facebook Video claims to show a man trying to hug a lion – and promises that what happens next is shocking!! The only thing that we find shocking about this “video” is just how many Facebook users fall for it – therefore […]

Facebook Scam – [BBC Exclusive] Yeah! They Did This On Live News!

Here’s yet another particularly enticing yet particularly nasty Facebook video scam! It appears on your Facebook news feed with a great picture, promising some exciting nudity. The picture is as shown on the right (we have edited it to preserve the newsreaders modesty of course!).  At the point we first noticed this on our timeline, […]

eBay User Account Data Stolen in Huge Security Breach

All eBay users are being advised to change their passwords immediately following the latest incident in an ever growing list of large online companies that have been hacked. The eBay database, said to contain the details of at least 130 million users, was breached sometime in February or March this year, but this information has only recently […]

Are the Facebook Sunglasses Adverts a Scam?

Along with the flood of the Raspberry Ketones Trial adverts on your Facebook News Feed, another bunch of adverts seem to be cropping up for another product – sunglasses! There are various different Facebook sunglasses adverts doing the rounds, along with different websites behind them. But are they genuine, or are they a scam? First, […]

Is it Safe to Buy Medicine Online?

In this post we will look at the issue regarding online pharmacies, and whether or not it is safe to buy medicine online. With the natural growth of the Internet, it is only natural that more and more products and services are becoming available online. Online pharmacies are no different, and more and more of […]

Facebook Flooded With Raspberry Ketones Advertisements

If you’ve logged into Facebook lately, and if you match the correct demographic this product is targeted at, it is almost certain you will have seen various advertisements claiming to have found a new miracle weight loss secret. We have had messages from many of our readers asking if they are genuine adverts or if […]